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Professional Poultry and Livestock Manure High-Temperature Vertical Aerobic Fermenter

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The raw materials of this product is seaweed. After processed by high temperature fermentation, concentration, spraying, etc, the product is finally made to black or brow shiny granular fertilizer. During the production process, we add some necessary trace element which plants need, biological organic selenium and biological bacterial protein which are favorable to human health. These will meet the growth demand of plants.

Function & Benefits:

Agriculture    Enhancing nutrient uptake by combining nutrients and humic aid as well as keep a well-balanced nutrition.
Improving the structure of soil, increasing the buffering powder of soil, optimize N. P. K absorption by plants.
Neutralizing both acid and alkaline soils, regulating the PH value of soils, with the prominent effect in alkaline and acidic soil
Reducing nitrate leaking into the groundwater and protect the underground water
Enhancing the resilience of crops, such as cold, drought, pest, disease and toppling resistance
Stabilizing nitrogen and improving nitrogen efficiency (as an additive with urea)
Promoting healthier, stronger plants and beautifying appearance

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