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Humic Acid Soil Conditioner Humizone Potassiun Humate Flake/Powder/Granule

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Product Features

Appearance: Dark brownish powder
Water soluble fulvates (dry basis): 99%
Fulvic acid (dry basis): 50% min
K2O: 10% min
N: 4% min
TE: 2% min
Moisture: 10% max
PH: 4.0-6.0

Certificate of Analysis:



Organic Matter


Humic  Acid






Fertilizer and Soil Conditioners - New Mexico Department of

They are responsible for regulating the labeling and distribution of commercial fertilizers and soil conditioners within the state. Inspectors check product labels 

Soil Conditioner and Fertilizer Industry | SpringerLink

A soil conditioner is a material added to soil to improve its overall condition, especially plant growth and health and simultaneously it corrects the soil's deficiencies in structure and/or nutrients. It is also called a soil amendment

Soil conditioner - Wikipedia

A soil conditioner is a product which is added to soil to improve the soil's physical qualities, usually its fertility (ability to provide nutrition for plants) and sometimes its mechanics. ... Soil conditioners can be used to improve poor soils, or to rebuild soils which have been damaged by improper soil management

Agriculture Nutrient Management and Fertilizer - EPA

Agricultural producers can return manure and crop residues to the soil as fertilizers or soil conditioners on their own property unless prohibited by other State or 

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properties common to both soil conditioners and fertilizers but should be managed ... are called agricultural wastes and can be used to fertilize or condition soil

A field study on the effect of organic soil conditioners with

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Soil Conditioner - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics

Because of material bulk, transportation, application, and related costs, the widespread use of traditional soil conditioners in mainstream production agriculture 

Soil Amendments | National Good Agricultural Practices

Soil Amendment Decision Tree information for the National Good Agricultural Practices Program

Soil Conditioner & The Benefits of Using it in Your Garden

When soil conditioner is incorporated into and mixed with your garden soil, it improves the soil properties and adds slow releasing nutrients

Soil Conditioner Loosens Soil, Breaks Up Hard Pan & Aids

Our soil conditioner is a highly concentrated liquid surfactant used to break up ... up to 50%; Use in organic farming Use in commercial and residential gardening 
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